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Babies can feel stress. Your job as a parent is to soothe them in times of need. But how do you do that? Start with the basics: diaper, food, touch. Do a diaper change, try a feeding, and do a clothing check for any rogue clothing tags poking baby. If none of these work, try these three tried and true baby soothing methods.

  • Babies can feel lonely (they only know like four people!). Comfort them with gentle hugs, eye contact, and soothing words to help your little one feel loved, secure, and ultimately less stressed.
  • Sometimes the world can feel big and scary (we feel you, baby). Mimic the safety and security of being back in the womb with chill lighting, your best tight swaddle, and white noise.
  • Unlike your awkward friend, babies can really read a room. If you’re giving off a stress vibe, chances are they’re picking it up . Take a deep breath and relax— you’ve got this.


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A cozy swaddle can help squash their stress. Here’s a quickie swaddle cheat sheet from our Panda Crate:

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What if you’ve tried everything, and baby just won’t stop crying? Believe it or not, that is perfectly normal! The world outside of Mom can be overwhelming for a newborn, and often they just need time to adapt. In other words, sometimes babies are fussy without a discernible cause. Both parent and baby are new to one another and new to this life, so give yourself and your baby some grace. Take a break if you find yourself feeling stressed or overly emotional. Something as simple as taking a few deep breaths before coming back to your baby and trying again can clear your mind and help you reset