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Read about how your 8-month-old baby tries to communicate his needs and what he understands.

Communication and Social Development

In addition to his rapidly developing linguistic skills, your baby may begin to use exaggerated hand and arm gestures to communicate, such as outstretched arms when he wants picked up. What’s more, he may begin to understand the meaning of words, "no" in particular.
Babies of this age love to hear music, especially songs. They listen carefully, and sometimes their babbling sounds like the rhythm of a favourite song. Introduce different genres of music to your child. Experiment with pitch and intonation when you speak.

Why is Nutrition Important?

As your infant’s brain increases in complexity and cognitive function, it is especially important to provide him with essential nutrients for healthy brain development, such as iron, iodine, choline, folate and DHA (an Omega-3 fat).