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Discover reasons why you might decide to formula feed and how to choose the right formula for your baby.

Breast feeding is best for your baby. The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life as breast milk provides optimal nutrition for your baby. If you choose not to breast feed or are unable to breast feed, there are a variety of formula options patterned after breast milk from which to choose. Women choose to formula feed for many reasons. For physical or medical reasons, mother or child. Expressing milk or breastfeeding isn't an option upon return to work. To include the baby's father or other family members in the feeding experience.

Choosing the right formula for your baby

  • Infants who are not breastfed should be given a formula that is iron-fortified and contains DHA (an Omega-3 fat) and ARA (an Omega-6 fat) for the first 9-12 months. DHA and ARA are nutrients naturally found in breast milk that support normal brain and eye development as well as healthy growth.
  • Experts recommend that all non-breastfed babies should receive formula with a DHA level of at least 0.2% of the total fatty acids. Enfamil A+® has a DHA level of 0.32%.
  • Enfamil A+® is our closest formula to breast milk.
  • The DHA and ARA in Enfamil A+ helps support normal brain and eye development.


There are formulas for babies with special feeding needs (such as allergies or intolerances).