Nutrition for You & Your Baby

Before birth and after, your baby depends on good nutrition to help support her amazing growth and development. And she's looking to you for the nourishment to help her do it. Getting the right nutrition is essential for both of you, whether you're pregnant or breastfeeding, coping with new motherhood, or trying to get a finicky toddler to eat her broccoli. Use the links below to give your brain a quick course in healthy eating for the long journey ahead. ​

Getting Started: Nutrition


Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide

Help ensure that you and your baby get the building blocks needed for good health.


Food Cravings

Discover the method behind the madness of food cravings during pregnancy...


Second Trimester Nutrition

You're probably feeling better now, and your baby is definitely getting bigger...


First Year Nutrition No-no's

One of the most amazing parts of having a baby is watching him change and grow...


Toddler Nutrition

After 9-12 months, you can introduce your toddler to whole milk...


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